Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almost done with the 30 days...

... and getting excited at the prospect of possibly running. I say "possibly" because I want to really let myself NOT run if it turns out to be too much and edges me away from doing it regularly. Kelly, I like your idea of alternating: I think I'm going to try it. I've liked having one routine to fall into each day (feed baby, do wkt video, put baby down for nap, shower, eat breakfast), and going outside for the workout means I actually have to wear something decent, which puts a wrench in the current routine. But if I can slip into a new routine, it could work, so we'll see how it goes.

I did Workout 3 again today. Getting sick of it, to be honest. I didn't really think that would happen, but it is. Guess it's a good thing that tomorrow is my last day! I think doing it every other day will be good, because it won't be the only thing I'm doing anymore.

Also, I want to note to myself for later: I HATE HATE HATE doing the plank rows with leg raises in the full-blown position!! Blech! Definitely the worst part of the whole workout for me. The only thing that kept me doing the full-blown position for the first set today (I cannot do it for both sets, nor the push ups), was that I did not want to have to confess on here that I'd gone backwards and done fewer. And the knowledge that if my body is physically able to do it, that means that *I* am able to do it, even if my brain says I can't. Ok. End of tantrum.

Amie (and other La Mirada play-daters) - Thanks for the info! I am hoping I can make it, but not sure if I'll get there in time. Naomi had crummy naps yesterday and Sunday, and this is right at the end of her napping window. If she's awake in time we'll head over and see if anyone is still around. It would be fun to see you and meet your kids.

Yolanda - I am probably not the one to ask about expectations for meeting goals, because after years of being a super goal-oriented person, I am currently in a season of literally setting all outward goals to the wayside because it was putting too much pressure on me. (With postpartum hormones and lack of sleep, I couldn't handle it and the littlest thing could set me over the edge.) Hence the current plan, which is NOT to try to fit into (or try on!) any old clothes that aren't already fitting, nor worry about losing any weight. This was reinspired by Sunday morning's getting-ready-for-church, when I felt like wearing a summery dress and remembered a few in the "don't fit yet" box of pre-pregnancy clothes. Since I'd been feeling so good from working out, I figured they'd probably fit. Um, NO. It was really frustrating - I tried on 3, and even the looser one didn't fit. I think it's mostly that my figure has changed, since my weight isn't that different, but it was really discouraging. The one that did work was a sundress that had doubled as a maternity dress (since it was flow-y), and it cheered me up to wear something cute. But the whole experience sealed the deal that I will not try to fit into old clothes for the foreseeable future, but simply enjoy feeling good and fitting well in the clothes I'm currently wearing. That's partly where the "30 days" thing is coming in for me: I'm planning to try something new each 30 days, which gives me a goal other than weight loss or outward results. I'm not sure what will come after running/shred, but I guess I have another 32 days to figure that out... :)

Christa - I loved/hated hearing about your new "resident(s)." Ew! An Australian accent would get me to try a workout - that is one of my favorite accents. I think Boston accents and UK accents are just below that. I don't have tons of experience with yoga/pilates, but I do know there is a wide variation among the different forms. If it's a really relaxing form of yoga, it would probably even help with falling asleep; but there are also forms of yoga that are more vigorous and that might make it harder? Pilates seems overall more vigorous to me, so that may not work. Don't know. In high school I did a high-impact aerobics video every night before bed and never had trouble sleeping. But I was 17. Maybe try the video midday and see if you feel relaxed afterwards or not before trying it at night? I do think alternating workouts is a great idea - which is why I'm going to try it myself. I think it might help me to mix things up a bit.

Kelly - You could look on Craigslist. And, this is definitely not under $30, but if you want a really good powerful blender the least expensive, good-quality one I've found is the Magic Bullet (technically a food processor but works like a blender with one of the blades). I love mine, although I think all their techniques for chopping are ridiculous and don't work (ie. chopping fruit just produces mush). But if you want something completely blended (like a smoothie), it's great. It's $100 at Costco.

Katie - I love that you poured water on your head before heading out for your walk - smart! Last summer Daniel and I took a hiking trip along the coast of Italy and although you'd think coast = cooler, it was so humid I felt at times like I couldn't breathe! I was concerned about Naomi (I was 6 mos pregnant), but I found that frequently dumping water over my belly kept me from getting heat rash. :)

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