Saturday, June 19, 2010


I feel totally jazzed right now. I bought new running shoes Thursday and today took them for a test drive. I ran 6 miles!!!! That is two distance records I've broken in one week. Five miles on Monday and six today! The new shoes helped. Not having tired feet makes running soooo much easier.

This is the reason I personally love exercising on Saturdays. I started out my run thinking I'd do my normal routine (4.5 miles). But I was feeling so good at the halfway point that I thought I'd push myself knowing that if I did get tired, I had the time to walk as long as I needed to get back home again. Now, I didn't need that extra time, but I love having the luxury of knowing I could use it.


  1. Good for you!!

    Just out of curiosity- Do you have any race goal in mind? Before my hips went bad on me, I ran the Pacific Shoreline half-marathon in Long Beach and it was wonderful. I bet there are some beautiful runs in your area. It was nice to have a goal for my everyday workouts too!

  2. No race goals. I run for stress relief and to minimize panic attacks. I think if I were to start making it goal oriented, it would become stressful for me. I've honestly never had the desire to participate in a race or marathon. The idea of the crowds and everything make it sound too complicated for my tastes!